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Our mission is to create music that resonates deeply with the human spirit, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering emotional connections. We strive to push the boundaries of creativity, inspire self-expression, and evoke profound feelings through the power of sound. 



With a career spanning decades, Noemy's life revolves around the harmonious blend of music and style. She has established herself as a distinguished violist, enchanting audiences with her extraordinary talent and boundless creativity. 

From a tender age, Noemy displayed a natural passion for music that blossomed into a lifelong devotion. Her dedication to music began early, and her relentless pursuit of excellence has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers.

Noemy's creativity doesn't stop with music. She seamlessly combines her love for style and design with her musical expertise. As a stylist, she curates unique and visually stunning experiences that elevate performances to a whole new level. 

Noemy's performances are not just about the music; they are immersive journeys through a carefully crafted aesthetic world. Her performances are known for their exquisite attention to detail, from flawless transitions to elegant setups. She knows the intricate details of planning weddings and events, effortlessly transforming dreams into unforgettable realities with her meticulous attention to every aspect, from musical flow to engaging the audience, creating moments that will be cherished forever.

Elliot's journey into the world of music began at a young age. He first picked up the cello, discovering a deep connection to its rich, resonant tones. As he honed his skills, Elliot's musical curiosity expanded, leading him to explore the bass and guitar.

Throughout his career, Elliot has become a versatile performer, equally comfortable on the cello's classical repertoire, the rhythmic grooves of the bass, and the melodic intricacies of the guitar. His ability to switch between these instruments has made him a sought-after musician, collaborating with various artists across genres. 

Elliot is also a dedicated music educator. He believes in sharing his knowledge and passion for music with the next generation. He has taught in schools, given private lessons, and conducted workshops, inspiring countless students to embark on their own musical journeys. 

Elliot's dedication to music, both as a performer and educator, has not only enriched his life but also the lives of those he's touched with his artistry and teaching. His musical journey continues to evolve, promising exciting new chapters in the world of strings. 

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